Why Fencing

Fencing is challenging, but it is fun, exciting, and rewarding. Fencing is often called “physical chess” because it requires a fencer to develop mental strategy and tactics in order to defeat an opponent. The sport of fencing is a uniquely classic yet modern sport, reflecting the complicated strategy that lies behind the thrusts and parries that punctuate a duel. It is fast and athletic, a far cry from the swashbuckling you see on film or stage.

Fencing is among the best sports for families who want to get their kids ahead of the game in the college admissions and the scholarship process. Fencing at the high school level provides an advantage in acceptance to the best colleges, nearly all of which have fencing programs with NCAA Division 1, 2, and 3 teams. College administrators know that in addition to physical attributes – speed and hand-eye coordination – most successful fencers are intelligent, creative, disciplined, and have excellent problem solving abilities. 

The numbers from www.scholarshipsstats.com are here to back it up: Compared to the average of all sports, fencing has a fantastic advantage. The overall percentage of high school students who go from competing in a sport in high school to playing in college is just 7.6% for boys and 7.9% for girls. Fencers come in at a whopping 29.6% for boys and 38.2% for girls!

In the two tables below (one for boys and one for girls) you will find stats including the percentage of kids that were accepted into the best colleges and universities who went on to compete in their high school sport at the collegiate level.

What Weapon to Start With

Sabre – Fast & Decisive Tactician

Sabre rewards fast, athletic, aggressive, and tactical fencing. Sabre fencers are often full of emotion and showmanship, which makes sabre great fun to watch and do.

Epee – Patient Strategist

Epee rewards precision and cunning. Epee has the simplest rules, yet requires the greatest tactical knowledge, emotional control, and hand-eye coordination. Epee fencers are after plotting their opponent’s demise.

Foil – Fast & Accurate Tactician

Foil rewards speed, accuracy and places an emphasis on lightening quick tactical decisions.