Looking for an exciting and challenging summer camp experience for your young fencer?

Look no further than Lilov Fencing Academy’s Youth Camps! Designed specifically for beginners and fencers with less than 36 months of experience, our camps offer a fun and dynamic environment where young athletes can learn new techniques, develop their skills, and have a blast.

Our experienced coaches will work with fencers of all ages and skill levels, dividing classes based on age and experience to ensure that everyone gets the individual attention they need to succeed. Whether your child is brand new to fencing or has some experience under their belt, our camps will provide a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything from basic footwork to advanced tactics.

But it’s not all serious training – our camps also include a variety of fun and engaging fencing games and tournaments that will challenge fencers both physically and mentally. And to help them build the agility and endurance needed to succeed in fencing and other sports, we also incorporate agility training and conditioning exercises.

2023 YOUTH SUMMER FENCING CAMPS with 3-time Olympian Coach Alex Buikevich
Please send us an email before registering: info@lfanj.com

  • Who is eligible? All boys and girls ages 8-14 with none or less than 3 years of fencing experience.
  • Discover Olympic Fencing, one of five sports which have been featured in every one of the modern Summer Olympic Games since 1896. Fencing is challenging, but it is fun, exciting, and rewarding. Fencing is often called “physical chess” because it requires a fencer to develop mental strategy and tactics in order to defeat an opponent.

Pre-Summer Nationals Strategy and Tactics Camp with Serge Lilov and Alex Buikevich

  • JUNE 24 – 28 (Sat, Sun, Mon, Tue, Wed); weekends 12-4, weekdays 10-2
  • The camp is designed for competitive fencers from Y-12 to Juniors. The focus of this camp is strategy and tactics in 5 and 15 touch bouts. Prepare for intensive 5 days of technical drills and tactical exercises.
  • Cost: $650 per fencer for LFA members and $800 for non-members

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