Discover Olympic Fencing, one of five sports which have been featured in every one of the modern Summer Olympic Games since 1896. Fencing is challenging, but it is fun, exciting, and rewarding. Fencing is often called “physical chess” because it requires a fencer to develop mental strategy and tactics in order to defeat an opponent.

Let your children learn fencing from a 3-time Olympian Coach Alex Buikevich

Our Youth Camps are designed for beginners and fencers with less than 12 months of experience, with classes divided by age and skill level. These camps include new fencing techniques, fencing games, tournaments, and agility training. Please enroll as early as possible, we are forming groups of no more than 12 fencers.

LFA has 3 AC zones so your fencers will feel comfortable at our academy. Please wear sneakers, long sleeve t-shirt, and pants. Pack lunch and beverages.


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