At Lilov Fencing Academy, we’re more than just a fencing club – we’re a family legacy. For three generations, our passionate fencers have shared a deep love and respect for the sport, creating a unique and dynamic environment where fencers of all levels can thrive and achieve their full potential. Lilov Fencing Academy (“LFA”) is one of top private fencing programs in the United States established in 1992 by a father and son team with over 60 years of combined coaching experience.

LFA is a serious, focused group of professionals that offer quality group and private lessons, competitive bouting, local and international camps, and monthly tournaments. LFA coaches fencers of various age groups (from 8 years old to veterans).

Many of our students are either attending or have attended top National universities on the strength of their studies, fencing, and fencing networks. Our fencers are seriously involved as varsity fencing team members at high schools, colleges, and on the national level. LFA invites anyone interested in learning to fence, (or wanting to practice) to visit our warm, friendly, and well established club. Membership is open to any interested and motivated person. We work hard and produce results!

We believe that what we offer is different. Please visit and try us out. Stop by, bring your gear, or borrow some from the club until you get your own. You will have an opportunity to tour our facility, meet our staff, have a few bouts with our fencers, and talk with our fencing parents.

Visit and fence, you’ll love the difference!

Lilov Fencing Academy (LFA) is the official home for Montclair Kimberley Academy (MKA) in all weapons. The team is trained by professional coaches at our academy. We provide professional coaching, facility, and fencing equipment. All home meets are hosted by LFA.


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