Sabre – Hack and Slash Fencing

If épée is the weapon of the patient, defensive strategist, the sabre is its polar opposite. In sabre, the rules of right of way strongly favor the fencer who attacks first, and a mere graze by the blade against the lamé registers a touch with the scoring machine. These circumstances make sabre a fast, aggressive game, as fencers rush their opponent the moment the referee gives them the instruction to fence. In fact, a lopsided sabre match can literally be over in seconds. As fending off the attack of a skilled opponent is nearly impossible, sabre fencers very rarely take the defensive intentionally. However, when forced to do so, they often go all-out using spectacular tactical combinations in which victory or defeat is determined by a hair’s breadth.

We teach sabre alongside épée and foil at Lilov Fencing Academy in Cedar Grove. We believe it is important for children interested in fencing to have access to fencing coaches who are the best in each style of fencing so that your child can find the style that fits him or her best. Contact us today for more information about our classes, fencing lessons, and fencing camps.

Sabre Weapons and Equipment

The sabre is the modern version of the slashing cavalry sword. The major difference being that sabre fencers can score with the edge of their blade as well as the point.

As in foil, the sabre fencer’s uniform features an electrically wired metallic lamé, which covers their valid target area. Because the head is valid target area, the fencer’s mask is also electrically wired. One significant departure from foil is that off-target hits do not register on the scoring machine, and therefore do not halt the fencing action. Saber fencing was the first of the three weapons to feature a wireless scoring system.

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