At Lilov Fencing Academy, we are incredibly proud of our alumni who have gone on to achieve great success in both their college careers and professional lives. Many of our former fencers have excelled at top universities, utilizing the skills they learned on the fencing strip to succeed in a wide range of fields.

Some of our alumni have pursued careers in business, using their discipline and strategic thinking to succeed in the competitive world of finance and entrepreneurship. Others have followed their passion for the arts, becoming successful performers or designers.

Jordan Harrod | MIT

Neil Lilov | Penn State University

Jackson Min| University of Pennsylvania

Jack Kyono | Yale University

Matt Garrelick | University of North Carolina

John Crandall | Notre Dame University

Jarrett Lewis | Penn State University

James Gross | Stanford University: Classics with a minor in anthropology

Jeffrey Lai | Yale University: Computer Science

Deanna Oliver | Penn State University

Elan DiMaio | Princeton and University of Pennsylvania

Polo Wagner Mueller | Princeton University

Nitza Granados | Northwestern University

Ian Dwyer | Notre Dame: Honors Engineering Program

Bernie Chester II | Rutgers: Finance

Stowe Hammarberg | Carnegie Mellon University

Emma-Tei Kyono | University of Virginia: Honors Science Program in Neuroscience

Matthew Kiwior | Syracuse University

Marie Rudnicki | Columbia University

Ed Kong | Harvard University

Hayley Levitt | Harvard University

Courtney Periu | Temple University

Jackie DorskyBrown | Brown University

Zoe Messinger| Brandeis University

Sarah DiBenedetto | University of Delaware

Jeff Paine | Stevens Institute of Technology

Alfie Feder | University of Rochester

Michelle Rae | Rutgers University

Lauren Chilton | MIT

Marcus Miller | Harvard University

Bridgid Frey | Penn State University

Paul Apostol | NYU

Zach Stoddard | Swarthmore College

Danielle Henderson | University of Pennsylvania

Dina Krannich | Penn State University

Jason Henderson | Rutgers Law

Alex Rudnicki | Columbia University

Krista Bacci | Sacred Heart University

Chris Murphy | Carnegie Mellon University

Jacqueline Barnes |UCLA

James Chung | Stanford University

Julie Carlsen | Rutgers

Alexandra Sakowicz | Cornell University

Brian Walther | Penn State

Ada Usowicz | Fairleigh Dickinson University

Cassandra Frey | University of Pennsylvania

Nicole Mustilli | Norte Dame University

Howard Goodman | NYU

Catherine Pack | Columbia and Princeton

Harriet McTigue | Michigan State University

Nicholas De Pinto | Penn State

Marissa Mustilli | St. John’s University

Eleanor McTigue | Guilford College

Jackie Dorsky Pinchuk | Brown and NYU

Veronica Padula | Columbia University

Dan Dorsky | Brown

Annabeth Gellman | MIT + Chicago University + University of Cambridge

Janelle Kranich | Penn State University

Tai Dimaio | NYU

Marguerite Plekhanov | Ohio State University

Bryce StruckFull | Sail University

Mary Dunlop | Princeton University

Jonathan Winnerman | Princeton and University of Chicago

Megan Everett | Stanford University

Clare Deming | University of Florida

Igor Kopylov | MIT

Emil Capetta | University of Pennsylvania

Casey Frey | University of Pennsylvania

Jess Ochs-Willard | Brandeis University

Erin Frey | Yale University

Zuzanna Sitek | Boston University

Charles Astudillo | University of California

Luigi Camilleri | Lafayette College

Paul Verona | St. George’s University

Andrew Hull | Rutgers

Justin Cheng | NYU

Edward Kong | Yale

Rose Koven | Tufts University

Halli Melnitsky | Haverford University

Alexander Powell | Brandeis University

Jillian Mahen | Northwestern University

Michelle Yasay | Rutgers

Whitney White | Northwestern University

Nick Depinto | Penn State University

Barrett Strickland | MIT

Hugh O’Cinneide | Yale University

Christian Voldstad | Carnegie Mellon

Eva Rudomina | Rutgers

Aaron Fernandes | Johns Hopkins University

Max Haines-Stiles | Stanford

Michael Still | Brandeis University

Peyton Knight | University of South California

Robert Ryan | College of Holy Cross

Tina Christakos | Stanford

Chris DeNude | Rutgers

Anton Ushakov | Columbia University

Lauren Riesbeck | Temple University

Tina Zuzek | Harvard

Eric Y Chang | Yale University

Jared DeMatteis | Columbia University

Dan Kellner | Columbia University

Lilov Fencing Academy (LFA) is the official home for Montclair Kimberley Academy (MKA) Fencing Varsity Team in all weapons. The team is trained by professional coaches at our academy. We provide professional coaching, facility, and fencing equipment. All home meets are hosted by LFA.


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